goat cheese, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese

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1st place: Goat
2nd place: Swiss
3rd place: Cheddar

As cheese ages, it becomes denser in calories. So while goat cheese may taste decadent, it's typically better for the waistline than hard varieties. Swiss is usually higher in saturated fat but earns points for having five times as much calcium. Third place goes to Cheddar: A one-ounce chunk can have as much salt as a serving of potato chips.
granola bar, fruit yogurt, dried fruit

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1st place: Granola Bar
2nd place: Fruit Yogurt
3rd place: Dried Fruit

Yes, the condensed sugar in dried fruit will deliver a burst of energy, but you'll be hungry again before you know it. Fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt isn't much better: It can harbor five teaspoons of sugar per serving. For a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, pick a granola bar that's low in sugar and loaded with whole ingredients, like oats, nuts, and seeds.
tequila on the rocks, light beer, gin and tonic

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Happy Hour

1st place: Tequila on the Rocks
2nd place: Light Beer
3rd place: Gin and Tonic

A crisp G&T has more calories than an eight-ounce cola. Light beer is better; its carbonation will make you feel full without the added sugar. But the lightest libation is a shot of tequila (or any hard alcohol): "We sip liquor and gulp cocktails and beer," says Wendy Bazilian, coauthor of The SuperFoodsRx Diet. "Gulping equals more empty calories."
canned tuna, sushi-grade tuna, tuna steak

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1st place: Canned Tuna
2nd place: Sushi-Grade Tuna
3rd place: Tuna Steak

Of the three, a cooked tuna steak contains the most mercury per ounce, because as the meat loses water while it cooks, the neurotoxin becomes more concentrated. But sashimi isn't a great option, either. Sushi-grade tuna tend to be quite large, and the bigger the fish, the more mercury it accumulates. Go with canned chunk light, which is made from smaller species.