Common emergencies don't have to ruin your R&R—if you take along our advice. (As for the threat of the tourist-trap souvenir shop? You're on your own.)

sailboat Seasickness

Try popping 1,000 milligrams of dried gingerroot (available in health food stores) before setting sail and, if necessary, again four hours later, says Robert Stern, PhD, who has studied the physiological bases for motion sickness.

water bottles Montezuma's revenge

Before you depart, ask your doctor to prescribe the antibiotic rifaximin, which you can take daily during your trip to prevent an infection.

pillows Bedbugs

Infestations have increased by 71 percent since 2001. Before you unpack, inspect the mattress (remove all bedding, including the mattress pad) and the wall near the headboard. If you see tiny blood spots or brown insects that are less than a quarter-inch long, find another room (or hotel).

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