The spices that could improve your health

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Did you know your spice rack is full of anti-aging secrets? Dr. Oz says research shows that cinnamon can decrease blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol, especially in people with type-2 diabetes.

Arthritis sufferers may also find relief in tumeric, a spice found in curry that has also been reported to help prevent Alzheimer's disease, he says.

Paprika and cayenne pepper can help fight high blood pressure and improve circulation, he says.

In lab studies, Dr. Oz says, eating rosemary has been shown to improve learning rates in rats—data that has been reproduced in humans.

Even ginger can decrease blood pressure, alleviate arthritis pain and reduce your risk of cancer. One way to get your daily ginger is from Dr. Oz's "green drink." Get the recipe.

Though fresh spices usually are best, Dr. Oz says they can still fight aging if they're dried.
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