Increase your fiber, decrease your aging

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As Dr. Oz has said before, one key to staying young is to keep your intestines healthy and bowels regular. This takes plenty of fiber—about 25 grams a day. That's about two and a half times more than the average American eats a day. Fiber works by keeping all the nutrients you eat in your intestines and releases them as needed. So how can you increase your intake? Eat more fruits, vegetables and foods rich in whole grains.

Dr. Oz and Oprah both love steel-cut oatmeal, which takes a bit longer—10 to 20 minutes—to make than regular oatmeal. "The longer it takes the oatmeal, the more the fiber is going to benefit you," Dr. Oz says. "So be patient with it. It doesn't take that long."

Some other good fiber-rich options include beans, brown rice and whole grain pasta. When you're in the bread aisle at the grocery store, here's one thing to keep in mind to maximize your family's health. "Remember, you don't want it to say 'mixed grain,' 'great grain,' 'the best for you grain.' It's got to say '100 percent whole grain.' If it doesn't say 100 percent, it's not."
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