You already know that strength training is important, and if you haven't made it part of your life, this brings us to a major point. You're out of excuses. Here's why.

You say: "No time."

Excuse-buster: Our workout takes only 20 minutes three times a week. Are you willing to admit that your life is so out of control that you can't spare even this short amount of time? C'mon. We know you make at least that much time for Desperate Housewives.

You say: "No gym."

Excuse-buster: This workout requires no equipment. In fact, you'll use your own body as your gym (free membership!). You don't even need dumbbells. The only weight you'll use is the excess pounds on your hips and belly (the weight you're about to lose).

You say: "No babysitter."

Excuse-buster: In the time the kids are mesmerized by one episode of Dora, SpongeBob, or Drake & Josh, you can be done with your workout.

You say: "Exercise is about as interesting as a 20-mile drive on a Kansas interstate."

Excuse-buster: You'll stay fresh and focused if you keep the workout short and the music pumping. You pick the songs, and we'll have you moving from exercise to exercise in this accelerated routine so you won't have time to get bored.

You say: "Working out is too hard."

Excuse-buster: You can customize the workout for you—whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or expert.

You say: "I need coaching but don't have money for a personal trainer."

Excuse-buster: If you have trouble following the instructions here, you can get trainer Joel Harper's 20-minute workout.

You say: "Strength training? I don't want to look like an Olympic shot-putter."

Excuse-buster: The strength exercises flow into stretches to keep your body limber and lean. And you'll build most of your strength in your core to create a toned stomach and elegant posture—more ballerina than bulky ball-thrower.