Geri talks about her foot fungus.

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Feet are another part of the body that many women hide. Geri is constantly embarrassed by her feet, which she says have been problematic for about two years. "When I would polish my toes, they would burn me. I would take [the polish] off, and notice that my toenails were yellowing underneath," she says. "It seemed like it was spreading, and it's just gotten worse over time." Geri says she has used over-the-counter treatments that her pharmacist gave her, but nothing has helped. 

To treat fungal infections of the foot, Dr. Oz says you have to take a pill by mouth. "That pill does have one side effect: It can cause liver failure. So we don't use it a lot, and you've got to be careful about using it, because it doesn't save your life, right? No one dies from toe fungus." 

To avoid foot fungus in the first place, keep your toes dry and try to expose them to the sun, Dr. Oz says. Many people who think they have fungus actually just have an infection around the nail. Dr. Oz recommends soaking your foot in vinegar or tea tree oil to cure those infections.
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