Melissa has suffered from extreme hair loss.

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Six weeks ago, Melissa had a full head of hair. But in the last month and a half, she says her hair has started falling out all the time. "I have no explanation for it," Melissa says. "It could be stress, but it falls out in clumps when I shower and after my shower when I comb my hair. It's just all day long. I can pull hairs out at any given time."

Melissa says she's had no major illnesses lately, so Dr. Oz asked her to have a Biophysical 250 blood test. The test showed that Melissa had elevated markers of inflammation and allergies. "Something's going on in your life that is make you allergic, whether it's an environmental product, or you're putting something new in your hair or different food," Dr. Oz says.

The tests also showed that Melissa may have a small tumor in her brain. "What the blood test tells us is that this gland in her brain is actually making more of a hormone than it's supposed to make," Dr. Oz says. "It doesn't mean there's a tumor. It means that there's something going on."

When you notice something abnormal happening with your body, the smartest thing you can do is to speak up, Dr. Oz says. "This is not about vanity. This is about life."
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.