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Day 3: Cook for Your Heart

Certain foods do wonders for your veins and arteries, promoting blood flow throughout your body. To make a meal packed with heart-healthy nutrients, start with these four ingredients.

Wild Salmon
It's full of omega-3s, your arterial system's handymen. They lower triglycerides (which contribute to plaque buildup) and can make platelets less sticky (to reduce clotting).

Hypertension patients who consumed tomato extract saw at least a ten-point drop in their systolic pressure and four-point fall in their diastolic pressure.

The pungent clove is thought to protect against atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), a condition that can lead to heart disease and stroke.

Lima Beans
One cup contains about 30 percent of the recommended dietary allowance of magnesium, a mineral that triggers vasodilation, easing the strain on your heart.