Dr. Oz, Dr. Weiss and Oprah

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As she continues examining the scene of her death in a past life, Jodi says she sees the emergency personnel comforting her crying children. Jodi is worried about the babies. "Do they see me dead?" she asks through tears.

To comfort her, Dr. Weiss asks Jodi to look beyond the moment in which she died, and to focus on the lives of the survivors of the accident, specifically her babies in the car. 

Jodi does, and says she sees them as they grow up. "They're healthy and good kids," she says.

Dr. Weiss says his session with Jodi was a long and intense one. "It was very emotional, but that's where the healing often comes from: from the catharsis, from the emotion, from remembering," he says. "And this was really important for her to go through."

Dr. Weiss believes Jodi's fear of dolls originates from not being able to protect her children in a past life. "This is a fear she would have carried over [to her next life]," he says. According to Dr. Weiss, the dolls Jodi is so fearful of are representative of the children she left behind. "The doll was a metaphor symbol for babies."
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