Dr. Weiss treats Jodi.

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After Jodi meets Dr. Weiss and explains her fear of dolls to him, he begins their session by hypnotizing her and guiding her into her past lives. "Go through the door and through the light," he says. "Join the scene where the experience or the person on the other side of the light is in a past life."

Jodi says she sees her grandfather, who died almost 20 years ago, welcoming her. She says she's happy to see him, but misses him. Dr. Weiss says Jodi's grandfather is her spiritual guide.

Then she mumbles the words "died too soon." Dr. Weiss leads Jodi to the moment when, in a past life, she died. "I see an accident scene ... car," she says.

"Was there anyone else in the car with you?" Dr. Weiss asks. "Who did you leave? Who was in the car?"
"My babies," Jodi says. "It feels real. And then I'm kind of gone. And then I'm with papa."
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