In the interest of making 2010 our year of wellness—Daphne Oz is on the case to find the ultimate in total mind, body and spirit care. Here, she offers up some of what may be the most interesting and innovative (and effective!) examples of holistic therapy today.
Holistic treatments are meant to complement your everyday fitness routine—whether that's spending two hours in the gym and eating six regimented meals a day…or scarfing down a few quick bites and making do with the time you have in between chasing three wild toddlers around the house. In essence, most of the techniques I'll talk about are the result of ancient healing traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation as a way to help heal and protect the body by bolstering natural defenses and keeping everything in running order.

The best part is, these treatments are relatively inexpensive when compared with traditional medical visits, and they can help you achieve and maintain a state of total wellness naturally. Even better, they're the type of treatments that can fight specific ailments or administer whole body support to help you achieve and maintain the optimum health you've been looking for. If nothing else, the sheer wackiness of some of what's out there might pique your interest. Let's dive in! (P.S. Please leave your comments below if you know of any especially interesting alternative therapies that I should cover!)

Let's start off with something very basic that you can practice in the comfort of your own home: aromatherapy.


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