Dr. Oz answers a question about male enhancement pills.

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Damon has one more question. "We see all these pills on TV for male enhancement. Does that really work?"

"No, they don't work," Dr. Oz says. "You're not going to make the organ bigger."

While those late-night male enhancement pill commercials may be full of falsehoods, Dr. Oz has a bit of truth about the male anatomy. "The male penis is a heck of a lot bigger than it's supposed to be. … When we compare humans to other animals, proportionally our penis is huge," Dr. Oz says. "So why would the male penis be bigger than it needs to be? Only one possible reason—because women want it that way. That's the only possible reason, because they select mates based on that."

Dr. Oz says both men and women select mates based physical attributes related to virility and health. "The reason males value women frequently for beauty is because it's an immediate barometer that they're healthy," he says. "It may not be what we want to listen to, but that kind of stuff actually comes up over and over. It's subconscious."
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