Damon asks about male menopause.

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Audience member Damon asks if there is a male equivalent to menopause.

"There absolutely is," Dr. Oz says. "We call it 'male-o-pause.'"

When women go through menopause, Dr. Oz explains that, over a two-or three-year period, the ovaries stop making the hormones estrogen and testosterone. "That's why, sometimes women put a little pooch on when they go through menopause," he says. "If you don't have testosterone, you can't make muscle mass."

Meanwhile, the same reduction of hormone production happens in men…just not in such a dramatically short amount of time. "You can't tell that it's happening sometimes," Dr. Oz says. "But that exact same shift is occurring."

Dr. Oz says this decrease in testosterone and growth hormones—particularly as a man enters middle age—can lead to decreased muscle mass and loss of vitality. "It's absolutely an issue," he says. "That's why, for a lot of guys as you get older, we start checking hormone levels because they're often treatable or even with lifestyle [changes] you can get back on the right course."
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