Carrie asks if women have smaller bladders than men.

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On most days, the studio audience at The Oprah Winfrey Show is almost entirely women…with just a few husbands, brothers and boyfriends sprinkled in. But today the audience comprises 170 men and 170 women. "A lot of estrogen…a lot of testosterone," Oprah jokes.

What brings today's balanced crowd? Dr. Oz is answering their burning questions about the differences between men and women.

First up is Carrie, who just can't hold her question in any longer. "As women, we all are waiting in line to go to the bathroom. And so we're dying to know: Do women have smaller bladders?"

Dr. Oz says the answer is yes, and he demonstrates why by using a female model from Bodies…The Exhibition. A woman's bladder is located right underneath her uterus. "What's happening in women is you have to make room for the uterus," he says. "And so the only place you can get it from is from the bladder."
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