Pre-Run Training Stretches
These four moving stretches allow the body to slowly warm up the connective tissue and muscles. Static or held stretches should be performed only at the end of an exercise.

Leg Swings
Start by standing while holding onto a stable object, wall or tree. Swing your leg front-to-back
10 times. Then continue side-to-side 10 times.

Heel Rocks
Start by standing on your toes. Rock from toe to heel 10 times on both feet at the same time. Then do 10 heel rocks on each foot separately.

Waist Rotations
Start standing with arms out in a T position. Rotate your upper body side to side 10 times.

Heel Walks
Walking on your heels is a great dynamic stretch and exercise for strengthening the feet. Walk for 30 to 60 seconds on your heels, with toes pulling upward at least twice.

Get Andrea's favorite post-run stretch routine.

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