The typical office worker is in her chair approximately six hours a day, and according to a study published in the Current Cardiovascular Risk Results, prolonged sitting is a "distinct health hazard." To combat the ill health effects of "sitting a lot at ease" and improve your alignment, I have created Sit-ilates™, pronounced sit-i-lot-ees.

These simple exercises based on Joseph Pilates' principles of spine alignment, breath and body posture are a great way to improve your bottom line. Sit-ilates™ helps stretch and strengthen the muscles of the body to help prevent arthritis and lower back pain and improve your posture. I have organized these movements from top to bottom. You'll work on your upper back, core and then lower back alignment. Sit at ease!

Step 1—Chest Stretch

Sit tall with your feet on the ground. Grasp your hands at the back of your chair and widen across the chest as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Inhale as you raise your rib cage away from your hips and then curl the chin down to your chest and exhale, contracting the abdominals and widening through the back. Repeat 10 times.


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