More than 25 years ago, I walked into the racket sports club with my Reebok high-tops, pink leg warmers, twisted terry cloth headband and belted thong leotard. I had cassette tapes in hand and cue cards in place. This was my first aerobics class as the instructor. "Purple Rain," "So Many Men" and "Let's Get Physical" played through the studio as we bounced, stretched and kicked our way through the workout on linoleum covered concrete floors.

My name is Andrea Metcalf, and in my career as a personal trainer, I have helped hundreds of people get in shape. Thousands more watch me on television giving tips and exercise options. And millions have downloaded my free exercise videos over the Internet. My latest challenge has taken me into someone else's home to cook, teach, train and keep him losing—he's now lost more than 65 pounds in two months.

So much has changed since that first class—college degrees, certifications, step and Spinning classes, yoga, Pilates, muscle activation, foam rollers and BOSU balls. And, thankfully, that 25-year-old thong leotard is now long gone. Health in America now means booming health clubs, "wellness" is the new buzz word and aerobics doesn't just mean a single Jazzercise class.

I am so grateful for the experiences that allow me to be part of so many lives and to be touched by the energy, human spirit and successes of those around me. This is what my Live-ilates program is all about.

My focus over the next few months will be to show you how to live better with a few simple moves using the concepts of Pilates—a workout system based on the alignment of the spine, the body and breathing. It combines ease of movement and structural integrity for tall posture, graceful movements and the ability to get out of bed each morning without feeling like the Tin Man in search of his oil can.

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