Hamstring Stretch

Lie on your back and bring your right thigh toward your chest. Now bend your right leg so your right heel is near the back of your right hip. Your left leg can be either straight or bent. Grab hold of your right foot with both hands. Contract the muscles on the back of your thigh (the hamstrings) so that your heel pulls toward the back of your hips. Keep contracting your hamstrings while using your hands to pull your heel upward, unbending and straightening your leg as you go. Six to ten reps per side

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Front-of-Thigh Stretch

Get down on all fours with the wall directly behind you. Bend your right knee and bring your lower right leg up against the wall, resting the top of your foot against the wall (place a rolled towel against the wall to protect your foot). Step up onto your left foot, lunge forward, and slant your torso slightly forward. While leaning forward in a lunge, push against the wall with your right foot by contracting your right thigh muscles. As you continue pushing your right leg and foot against the wall, bring your hips back to your right foot by pushing yourself backward with your left leg. Six to ten reps per side

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Wall Roll Down

Lie down with your hips close to the wall and both feet up on the wall, knees bent. Lift hips off the ground and grasp the legs of either a partner or a heavy chair. Push against the wall with both feet so that your shoulders press into the ground and contract your abdominals so you roll back down to the floor as you push your arms against your partner or the chair. Six to ten reps

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