Why We Love Them

Stocking your pantry with nutritious oils is a simple way to ensure your meals make your mouth and your body happy. A tried and true trio: olive, avocado, and coconut. They’re full of healthy fats, and each serves a unique culinary purpose. Need a go-to for marinades and salad dressings? A good (pungent and peppery) olive oil has your back. Milder, buttery avocado oil can take the heat of frying and roasting, while subtly sweet coconut oil is a smart butter substitute since it stays solid at room temperature—and may boost good cholesterol, research shows.

Illustration: Hennie Haworth

Like olive oil, avocado oil contains high levels of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

Whether you’re buying olive, coconut, or avocado oil, an extra-virgin or virgin label means minimal processing and maximum flavor and nutrients.

Stash a bottle of coconut oil in your bathroom, too: It’s an excellent natural makeup remover.

Illustration: Hennie Haworth

Always keep olive oil in a dark container or a cool cupboard and away from the stove—both light and heat can speed spoilage.


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