Tea cake

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A Light and Airy Cake That Has a Just-Decadent-Enough Frosting
The beauty of sponge cake is that it's made with little to no fat, so it's fluffy with tiny pockets of air. A fluffy and smooth buttercream frosting provides the perfect contrast, and holds the cake's two round layers together.

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A Dessert with an Extremely High Work-to-Payoff Ratio
Shortbread is so easy to make that even when you doctor it up with mix-ins, you're still in the realm of supersimple recipes. This version has you stir finely grated orange zest and chunks of dark chocolate into the dough; tart citrus and bitter sweet are a classic combination that enhances the buttery cookie base.

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Cranberry pound cake

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A Pantry-Friendly Loaf You Can Make at a Moment's Notice
Keep a bag of cranberries in your freezer, and you'll be able to whip up this fuss-free pound cake whenever you need to (you probably have all the other ingredients on hand already). Studded with bright red berries, this cake is lovely to look at, too.

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A Different Kind of Scone That Still Hits the Spot
Instead of the usual white flour, these scones include quinoa flakes (though you could also use rolled oats). Along with chia seeds and almond flour, they give these biscuits (which happen to be gluten-free) a bit more texture and heft than you find in typical versions. Diced strawberries add a pop of color and sweetness.

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