watermelon lime popsicles

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A Gorgeous Icy Dessert, Whether You're Dairy-Free or Not
These fuchsia-colored, watermelon-raspberry-lime pops have a sweet-tart flavor that kids will love, so they're perfect for a family barbecue; but their cooling taste would also be welcome after a spicy Mexican or Asian meal. And unlike ice cream pops or bars, they don't contain dairy, so they'll appeal to a wide range of eaters.

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watermelon breakfast smoothie

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An A.M. Sipper That Tastes Like Dessert
There's a lot to love about this beautiful-looking drink, from the double dose of hydration, thanks to watermelon and coconut water, to the zippy fresh mint and lime juice. It's sweet enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, but contains no added sugar, making it a good way to energize after a morning workout.

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frozen lemonade

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Frozen Lemonade That Gets Its Color Naturally
Some versions of pink lemonade are made with red food coloring, but this one's tint comes solely from watermelon—a whole pound and a half of it. You puree the fruit in a food processor, strain it and combine with lemon zest and juice, and some honey. A bit of water tones down the intense sweetness, and then you can drink it cold—or pour it into ice-pop molds and freeze.

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watermelon kale smoothie

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The Drink You've Got to Sip to Believe
Even green smoothie skeptics will have a hard time disliking this cooling and nutritious drink. It tastes much more like fruit juice than you'd think by looking at it (2 good handfuls of kale do give it a verdant hue)—and that's because it's packed with a few cups of cubed watermelon and an entire orange. There's also a bit of fresh ginger in there, which brightens all the flavors and gives the smoothie a little kick.

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watermelon basil Pops

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Popsicles with a Little Something Extra
All you need to make these ice pops is three simple ingredients, one of which might surprise you. In addition to watermelon and grapefruit juice, you add a few leaves of basil to the mix. Their herby, floral taste goes well with the fruit and tangy juice.

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