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Photo: Alice Gao

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The Cinnamon-Raisin Bread You Haven't Tried Before

"Buttercrust flake-aparts" are similar to the 1950s version of today's popular pull-apart (or monkey) bread, with pieces of yeasted dough layered into a muffin tin and baked. While those sound perfectly tasty, baker Jessie Sheehan couldn't help but tweak the recipe she found in a Pillsbury Bake-Off cookbook from the '50s, taking them in a brilliant, bigger-is-better direction. Instead of using a muffin pan, she stacks the dough strips in a loaf pan, as if they were dominoes. And, inspired by a Sun-Maid raisins book from the '20s, Sheehan fills the spaces between the strips of dough with cinnamon-sugar, raisins and butter. The baked bread is a delicious and decadent morning treat warm out of the oven, or toasted the next day.

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