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The Trick That Keeps Earrings from Getting Lost
If jewelry boxes aren't your style—or yours is filled to the brim with items you don't want to pare down—there are three simple alternatives that are probably hiding out in the back of one of your kitchen cupboards. As the Frugal Girls show us, an old ice cube tray's compartments are just the right size for rings, pairs of earrings and dainty necklaces, and it can easily tuck inside a dresser or nightstand drawer. Ditto for your grandmother's decorative egg tray, though ceramic styles may be pretty enough to show off on a side table (see the Sew Many Ways blog for a great example. The third option, for those who don't mind having their jewelry on display, is to hang a clean baking cooling rack on the wall.) The small grids are perfect for hooking on earrings or clasping necklaces and bracelets.