Obesity is a global issue, and weight loss is foremost on many minds and the topic of many conversations. Losing weight is not always about starving ourselves and doing more exercise—in fact, it can sometimes be quite the opposite.

For some, it can be about slowing down, chilling out and feeding themselves properly. The keyword really is "balance."

I had one client who had a hardcore trainer come to her house every day to put her through her paces. I could tell that in her particular case, this was not what her body needed to create balance. It was obvious to me that her kidneys and adrenals were depleted, which increased her cortisol levels, resulting in excess fat around her tummy area that she never seemed to be able to shed. She was always exhausted, which made it challenging for her metabolism to function efficiently, and this again resulted in weight gain.

My advice to her was to slow down, take a nap in the afternoon when her energy would dip, get healing treatments and find a gentler form of exercise like yoga or tai chi that would recharge her energy rather than depleting it. This, in turn, would nourish and strengthen her muscles and body tissues and strengthen her kidneys and adrenals, resulting in a more efficient metabolism, stabilized cortisol levels and weight loss.

I took another client of mine to an integrative medical doctor to have a checkup. She was having a weight issue and was quite surprised to get her test results and be told that she needed more fat in her diet—but as you will see, not just any fat.

Obesity has become a huge issue in the developed world and, in some cases, the cause is glaringly obvious: too much of the wrong foods and not enough exercise. However, I have known people who work out regularly in the gym and are always on a diet yet struggle with weight issues. If this sounds like you, I've got some guidelines to get your body back in balance.

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