Chia seeds

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Chia Seeds
Dr. Oz recently named chia seeds one of the top five supplements women should take, touting its high fiber content (11 grams in just one ounce—three times what you'll find in oatmeal), which helps you feel full more quickly and therefore eat less food in general. They are also an excellent source of protein and omega-3s. But if you aren't keen on taking a scissors to your Chia Pet (which, yes, uses sprouted chia seeds as its fur), you can buy a bag of the seeds; there are tons of uses for them in the kitchen. Glassman relies on the neutral-tasting seeds to thicken soups, since when you immerse them in liquids, they become somewhat gelatinous, making the broth creamier. You can also sprinkle them on granola, cereal, salads or even ice cream and frozen yogurt.

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