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A Greek Take on a Beloved Italian Dish
Make one swap (feta for mozzarella) and three additions to the tomatoes (oregano, cucumbers and red onions), and you've got a Greek version of the Italian caprese salad. The simple ingredients need only olive oil and lemon juice to coax out their vibrant flavors.

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An Unlikely Role for Onions
Before you dismiss this recipe's inclusion of raw onion, hear us out: It calls for Vidalia onion, which is one of the sweetest varieties available (they're grown in low-sulfur soil, which prevents them from developing a pungent taste). The salad also includes orange segments, greens and briny ricotta salata cheese, so it's sweet and salty.

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A Reason to Stop at the Asian Pears
If you've been cruising right past the display of round, brown Asian pears at the supermarket, pause and pick one up next time—you'll be rewarded with a crisp fruit that stands up nicely in salads. This recipe combines it with parsley, celery leaves and bean sprouts for a light, palate-cleansing dish.

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Fennel and Beets—Without an Oven
We often see beets and fennel roasted, but they're wonderful raw, too—just shave them thinly with a mandoline, or a very sharp knife. This salad also includes greens, berries, avocado and cucumber, so you get a vibrant mix of sweet, smooth and crunchy.

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A Reminder That No-Frills Can Still Be Fantastic
This arugula salad epitomizes Italian cooking: uncomplicated directions, fresh ingredients, minimal fuss. It's a breeze to make, too; just whisk olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper; then add bunches of peppery arugula, slices of tomato and some shaved, sharp-tasting Parmigiano-Reggiano. Crusty bread optional (but highly recommended).

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The Quickest Way to Make a Head of Romaine Taste Really Special
Making an outrageously good salad dressing doesn't have to be an ordeal, as this ultimate back-pocket recipe shows. Just stir together mustard and maple syrup, then microwave for 30 seconds. It's a brilliant combination that goes with pretty much any green you have on hand.

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A New Idea for Peaches
Stone fruit and an intensely flavored Italian cheese may not seem like an obvious match, but they play off each other surprisingly well. In this salad, shaved Pecorino Romano adds the perfect salty contrast to sweet peaches. There's also some honey in the dressing, to heighten the fruity factor. When peaches aren't in season, you can use Pecorino-friendly apples or pears.

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