oprah and her tomatoes

"Just picked. Garden to table. REAL Tomatoes! #harvestday"
oprah and her collard greens, carrots

"Take a look at those COLLARD GREENS and CARROTS!"
oprah and her zucchini

"Ahhhh Farm Life! Just picked a 16 inch. zucchini."
oprah's potatoes

"Gonna make truffle fries with those potatoes. #harvestday"
oprah and peppers

"Harvest day birthday! Purple cauliflower...Yellow peppers, fennel, broccoli and turnip greens."
oprah and strawberries

"Fresh picked strawberries! A really good #harvestday"
oprah and cauliflower

"Just picked tonight's dinner. Roasted cauliflower! #harvestday"
oprah gardening

"Today's special. avocados #greatguacamole and figs. Gonna chop the figs and cook in oatmeal #delicious #harvestday"
oprah gardening

"Harvest Day Maui. Helping hands from Kalikiano and Paul. Love that elephant eared kale."

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oprah cooking

"Harvessssst Day again! zucchini and artichokes new addition to our crop. #veggiesoup"
oprah gardening

"Harvest Day ... just picked off the vine fava beans,herbs , and strawberries. #ilovemygarden"
oprah gardening

"O happy harvest day. My favorite day of the week. Bob Greene and me trucking our veggie loot."
oprah gardening

"Baby tomatoes so sweet . Taste like candy!"
oprah gardening

"Harvest day. just picked fresh. #lovemygarden"