Beet Ravioli Following the cleanse doesn't mean you have to starve. From king oyster mushrooms to a heaping Buddha bowl, there's plenty of food that's okay to eat. Use these menu plans from Chef Tal Ronnen to get meal ideas and see what Oprah's eating during her 21 days.

Menu Plan 1
 Tofu Scramble
Lunch: Tempeh tuna salad over field greens
Dinner: Kale avocado salad and King oyster mushrooms with pistachio purée

Menu Plan 2
Breakfast: Wheat-free pancakes (made with Bob's Red Mill mix) and Gardenburger soy sausage
Lunch: Buddha bowl (made with oven-baked tofu, kale and brown rice)
Dinner: Caesar salad with Homemade Caesar Dressing and Tempeh Scallopini with Madeira Peppercorn Sauce

Menu Plan 3
Breakfast: "Cheesy" corn grits with tomato compote
Lunch: Scampi-style Tofu Wrap
Dinner: Artichoke and Oyster Mushroom Rockefeller with side salad and corn chowder

Menu Plan 4
Breakfast: Steel-cut oatmeal with cranberries and almonds
Lunch: Zucchini "fettuccini" with Raw Alfredo Sauce
Dinner: Quinoa salad with roasted corn, sweet potatoes, avocado and roasted tomatillo dressing

Menu Plan 5
Breakfast: Strawberry-rhubarb wheat-free crepes
Lunch: Mezze plate (white-bean hummus, millet tabouli, balsamic fig compote, marinated olives and almond-rosemary crackers)
Dinner: Celery root soup and Tempeh Creole over grilled corn cakes

Menu Plan 6
Breakfast: Egg-less quiche, arugula and artichoke hearts
Lunch: Beetroot ravioli with fresh cucumber and fennel salad
Dinner: Spring asparagus soup and Cajun-Seared Portobello Fillets with Avocado Cream

Menu Plan 7
Breakfast: Fruit and Soy Yogurt Parfait
Lunch: Roasted tomato, grilled onion and sweet garlic aioli quesadillas with jicama slaw
Dinner: Vegetable strata with cilantro-lemon pesto and Black Bean Cakes with Lime-Peppered "Mayo"

Menu Plan 8
Breakfast: Steel-cut oatmeal with raisins, walnuts and agave nectar
Lunch: Assorted vegetable sushi plate
Dinner: Tempeh marsala with a spring salad

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