Donald and Susan have five daughters.

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Donald and Susan have five daughters who spent a lot of time growing up in their parents' shop. "They didn't have a whole lot of money so they couldn't afford a babysitter," Summer says. "We were in the back of the store a lot on a bean bag. We had roller skates. We roller-skated around the plaza."

Summer says she never could have imagined how successful Cold Stone would become. "The funny thing is we were really kind of upset when they changed the logo," she says. "It was like a mom-and-pop store, you know, and everything changed and we were like, 'You're selling out.' We were mad. But now, I mean, look at it. We're happy now."

Although the girls weren't required to work at the store, they chose to anyways. "I was a daytime manager for a while," Sara says. "I would make cones and make ice cream every day."

The girls say working in the store taught them discipline—which helps them from eating ice cream all the time! "It's moderation," Susan says. "You can have the products but just not every day."

Now, every audience member can sample the flavors for themselves with a $35 gift certificate to Cold Stone Creamery.