Do your lips begin to tingle at the mention of Carmex lip balm? For the past 70 years, people have been puckering up for one family's secret recipe.

The Woelbings of Franklin, Wisconsin, are the people behind this "addictively good" lip balm. "Our secret Carmex formula is an ointment," says Paul, a member of the Woelbing family. "It starts out as a liquid. It's poured into the jars, and then it travels down conveyor lines. It takes about 10 minutes to cool down to solidify."

Donald, the son of Carmex's inventor, says his dad started making the product because he suffered from chapped lips and cold sores. Now, Carmex is available in 26 different countries, and the family estimates that they've sold more than a billion jars. "We haven't changed [the formula] a bit," Paul says.

Oprah's audience won't have to worry about dry lips for long time...they're all going home with a four-year supply of Carmex!

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