Rubix Cubewich

Photo: Adrian Fiorino

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Take Inspiration from the Rubix Cubewich

This tribute to the popular '80s game, which put Adrian Fiorino's extreme sandwich blog, Insanewiches, on the map, might be a little complicated to assemble on the average Monday morning. But its concept—a 3-D block made from cubes of pastrami, kielbasa, pork belly, salami, and yellow and white Cheddar—is adaptable to any lunch box, whether it's yours or your child's. Cut meat or cheese into strips and eat it with toothpicks. Or use kitchen shears, like Fiorino does, to make specific shapes. Turn square slices of bread into moons, stars or fish using a cookie cutter, or write a note with edible markers on the outside of a sandwich. For more ideas, see Fiorino's new book, Insanewiches: 101 Ways to Think Outside the Lunchbox (sandwich dominoes, anyone?), and the Tumblr and the book Scanwiches, which has turned photographs of Fluffernutter and other sandwiches into works of art.