We were already big fans of HGTV's Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines' banana bread (when she says "you really can't mess it up," she's right). So when we spotted a recipe in Gaines' new cookbook for a dish that she calls a great option to bring to any potluck, we were intrigued. It's a recipe for deviled eggs—with a little something special that makes them look (and taste) phenomenal.

In Magnolia Table, Gaines admits she's never met a deviled egg she didn't like, yet this one's her favorite "by a mile." Aside from the eggs, it includes a few expected ingredients: mayonnaise (she prefers Hellmann's), dill relish, fresh dill, chives and mustard powder. They make for a tangy and savory filling that's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. But what puts these deviled eggs in another league is Gaines' finishing touch. She takes slices of bacon, coats them on both sides in light brown sugar, and bakes them until they're crispy. Then, she chops up the sweet, smoky bacon and sprinkles it atop the filled, hardboiled egg whites. You don't need a lot; just a few pieces on each egg are all it takes to give them an eye-catching look and an unexpectedly candy-like crunch.

Gaines serves these handheld bites for weekend or holiday breakfasts, and brings them to parties too (she says you can make them up to a full day in advance). Any leftover filling makes a delicious late-night snack spread atop crackers or toast—though you may want to cook up some more candied bacon to go with it.

Get the recipe: Deviled Eggs


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