Toaster ovens can be a secret weapon for getting delicious dinners on the table quickly: They preheat in a flash, plus, cranking them up to 400° won't make your whole kitchen hot. This baked egg dish is perfectly suited for the appliance; it starts with spooning cooked grits, spinach and bacon into buttered ramekins, which are ideal since four of them fit perfectly on the 6.5" x 10" size tray that's standard with most models. The other additions are grated Parmesan, salt, pepper and some lightly beaten eggs. Slide them into the mini-oven, and in just 15 minutes, you've got a delicious, savory meal that we'd happily eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (which is exactly what we're doing with the leftovers).

Get the recipe: Toaster Baked Grits with Bacon and Spinach


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