This Halloween season, put a scare into your friends and family by turning everyday meals into something spooky!
  • Make meatloaf into a mummy by shaping your mixture into a torso with arms and legs before baking. Then wrap it with 1-inch strips of puff pastry, which will resemble strips of cloth. Once out of the oven, you can add some personality by using ketchup to create eyes!

  • Great Halloween-themed cookie cutters can be found in any baking supply store. Use them to create sugar cookies in the shape of tombstones, bats, witch hats—anything the kids will love. Then spend time together decorating!

  • You can also use the cutters to transform their everyday PB&J into something Halloweeny. Imagine their surprise when they open their lunch box to find a pumpkin- or haunted house–shaped sandwich!

  • Spaghetti and meatballs are the perfect meal for Halloween—all it needs is a name change and some creativity. Try Rachael Ray's recipe for "Worms and Eyeballs" (a.k.a. bucatini pasta with soy sauce and chicken meatballs).

  • A big bowl of pea soup is an excellent way to present your guests with an edible version of "green slime."

  • Jell-O is an great tool to help up the creep factor. Make a batch and then use a melon baller or mini ice cream scoop to form individual eyeballs! You could even stuff a hazel or macadamia nut in the middle to give the illusion of a cornea. Eww!

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