Gayle King

She's finally ready to share her secret obsession! Gayle King, Oprah's best friend, is totally hung up on finding the best burger in America! After reading an article in GQ magazine called "20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die," Gayle made it her mission to sink her teeth into every all-beef patty on the list.

The culinary quest began with a three-hour train ride from Gayle's home in Connecticut to Philadelphia, where she headed straight to Rouge, home of the number four burger on the list. "Let's just say it was worth the day trip," she says with a grin.

Before Oprah's cameras joined Gayle on her journey, she hit three other hamburger hot spots. In Chicago, Gayle headed to Poag Mahone's for the 18th best burger in America. Then, it was off to The Counter in Santa Monica, California, where she chowed down on number 15. Moving up the list, Gayle noshed on number nine at New York City's Burger Joint, located inside Le Parker Meridien Hotel.
Louis' Lunch burgers

Back in Connecticut, Gayle didn't have to go far from home to satisfy her hankering for a hamburger. Louis' Lunch, located in New Haven, serves up number 20 on the list.

Louis' Lunch, which was established in 1898, prepares their specially blended beef fresh every day. Once the patties are perfect, they're cooked sideways in a stove that's more than 100 years old. Jeff, the owner, says this is the same stove his great-grandfather used to cook the very first "hamburger sandwich."

In keeping with tradition, you won't find any buns in this burger joint. Jeff's great-grandfather put the first Louis' Lunch burger between two slices of bread and that's how they serve them today. Don't ask for mustard or ketchup either—these hamburgers are served with cheese, tomatoes and onions only!
Gayle King at Peter Luger Steak House

Although Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn, New York, is best known for their choice cuts of beef, they rank high on GQ magazine's list because of their choice cheeseburger.

Gayle says Peter Luger's steaks are "quite good," but during this visit, she's hungry for the number two burger in America! Creators of the "Luger burger" say the secret to their success is packed into the patty. Chefs only use top-quality meat like prime-aged porterhouse trimmings and prime chuck in their burgers.

When Gayle's cheeseburger arrives at the table, she takes a moment to applaud the picture-perfect presentation before digging in. "They were telling me that the place is so good, they don't have to advertise," Gayle says. "Strictly word of mouth. So from my mouth to yours...delicious!"
Le Tub burgers

After carrying the GQ article around in her purse for months, Gayle finally made it to the top of the list! She traveled all the way to Hollywood, Florida, for a taste of the number one burger in the nation.

From the outside, you may never guess that Le Tub is home to such a prestigious patty. Gayle says this burger joint has a lot of of the first things she noticed was a decorative toilet seat outside the door filled with mulch! Thankfully, Gayle didn't travel hundreds of miles for the ambiance. She's here for the famed Sirloin Burger!

Steve, Le Tub's owner and burger cook, knows exactly what makes his hamburgers so special. "We use fresh-ground sirloin," he says. "We never freeze anything—it's all fresh!"

Secret seasonings also help make these slow-cooked burgers a big hit. "That is very, very, very good," Gayle says after biting into the number one burger. "Bravo, Le Tub. Bravo!"

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Rachael Ray hits the streets

Super cook Rachael Ray, author of Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats, is known as the queen of quick for her home-cooked meals in less than 30 minutes.

Rachael says if you need some really fast food, hit the streets...she says you can eat some of the best cuisine in New York City for under five bucks—if you're willing to dine al fresco.

After sampling the city's best Indian food, Chinese noodles and German wurst, Rachael's ready for a southern specialty, Manhattan-style.

Check out Daisy May BBQ, Rachael's number one pick for the best quick bite in Manhattan! Watch
A high-quality knife

Rachael says her kitchen, like many others, is small and allows no room for clutter. She keeps her pots, pans and utensils down to a minimum. Rachael's narrowed her must-have list to six of her best kitchen basics.

1. A high-quality knife

A good knife will last a long time and is worth the investment. "Don't go for the cheapest," Rachael says, "and don't waste your money on big knife sets. All you need is one good knife that feels good in your hand and is weighted properly for you."
Wood cutting board

Rachael says size matters when it comes to the next item on her list.

2. A big wood cutting board

Using a large cutting board allows you to "pile up your ingredients all the way around the cutting board without having to dirty a bunch of little dishes to carry things back and forth," Rachael says.
Rubber cutting board

One cutting board just won't do it if you're processing meat, poultry and fish.

3. Rubber cutting board

"You need a rubber board that you can run under screaming hot water with lots of soap," Rachael says. Soft-grip feet on the underside keep the board secure while cutting.
Garbage bowl

Rachael's next kitchen basic is a huge timesaver.

4. Garbage bowl

"You don't have to keep running back and forth to the garbage can or your garbage disposal," Rachael says. "[It's] a girl's best friend!"
Deep-sided stovetop to oven skillet

Rachael has an important message for all brides-to-be—don't register for cookware sets! "Most sets of pots come with several that are too small to do anybody any good," Rachael says.

5. Deep-sided stovetop to oven skillet

The best buy is a big deep-sided skillet—you can use it to make chili, soup, stew and pasta sauce!"
Jonathan's 'Lazy Spoon'

Rachael's last pick is a necessity for every kitchen—especially if you use nonstick pots and pans.

6. Wood spoon

Wood spoons, unlike those made of stainless steel and other materials, don't scratch cookware. The "Lazy Spoon" ( is notched to rest on the edge of your pot. Drips stay in the pan and there's no need for a spoon holder! "Is that the coolest thing ever or what?" Rachael says.
Rachael Ray shares her recipe for vodka cream pasta

Rachael says the best recipe for women who want to spice up their love lives is her "You Won't Be Single Long" vodka cream pasta. What's in a name? "So many girls wrote me letters about hooking a fella using this recipe," Rachael says. "Some are even getting married or have gotten married. So it works!" Get the recipe!
'Grey's Anatomy' stars Ellen Pompeo, T.R. Knight, Justin Chambers and Chandra Wilson

Viewers can't get enough of the hit ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy—its vital signs are off the charts! Freakish medical conditions, sleep-deprived doctors, complicated romances and a healthy dose of sex bring in 20 million viewers every week.

The cast includes Ellen Pompeo as surgical intern Meredith Grey and Patrick Dempsey as Meredith's love interest, neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd—affectionately known as "McDreamy." For the first time, Ellen is taking The Oprah Show behind the scenes to reveal Seattle Grace Hospital's best-kept secrets!

To keep operating room scenes realistic, Ellen says the show hires a team of real-life nurses who make sure the actors are using the right surgical instruments. Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Bailey, reveals another trick of the trade—chitlins are used as intestines on the operating table!

The cast members admit that their secrets aren't all about the medicine. One little known fact is that actor Justin Chambers, who plays cocky bachelor Alex Karev, has been married for over 10 years and is the proud father of five children! Actress Katherine Heigl, the model-turned-doctor Izzie Stevens, is a total bookworm, reading a book a day on set during downtime. And T.R. Knight, the sweet and self-conscious Dr. George O'Malley, is the clown of the group—he keeps everyone on the set in stitches!
Classical harpist Jeff Majors

Psychologist Dr. Robin Smith gave Oprah classical harpist Jeff Majors's CD Sacred, and it's become one of her new favorites. Oprah listens to track number one every morning! "It is, for me, the best way to start my day," she says. "It is so beautiful, I just start crying!"

Jeff performs "Psalm 23" from his CD Sacred. His latest CD is Sacred Chapter 6.