Colin built a fountain for the garden-inspired ceremony.

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Three days after the grand ball at the Met, Sloan and Roger's loved ones traveled to her childhood home in Greenwich, Connecticut, for a garden-inspired wedding ceremony.

The wedding's theme emphasized natural surroundings. Colin created an English garden atmosphere, complete with vintage birdcages, overlooking the Long Island Sound. From the green bridesmaid dresses to the green and white tablecloths, Sloan says "everything looked like nature."

The structures Colin built for the special day looked like they had been part of the house for years. "It didn't look as though we had put up a tent and created a party," Sloan says. He installed a 4,000 square foot stone floor, which took 21 days to construct, and a matching fountain just for the occasion. "Colin had created truly an extension of our home," Sloan says