Sloan and Roger say 'I do.'

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Continuing with the natural theme, guests were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of flowers, and the huppah was wrapped in vines of stunning roses. But there was one flower Sloan was insistent upon having at her wedding. "I wanted to have the Colin Cowie signature bouquet, which is lilies of the valley," she says. "And I did."

An eight-tier wedding cake was elegantly adorned with roses meticulously crafted from frosting, along with individual flower pots that looked like actual blooms!

The 13 bridesmaids wore silk gowns in celadon green, and the groomsmen wore tuxedos. In true Colin style, a chorus of opera singers sang the traditional wedding march the moment Sloan started down the aisle. "As I was walking in I said, 'Dad, this is my moment. I've been dreaming of this for a really long time. You've got to walk really slowly,'" she says. "It was a dream come true."