asparagus frittata

Photo: Linda Xiao

The Egg Dish with an Unusual Addition
A frittata is like the omelet's lower-key cousin; it's a snap to make, and you don't have to prepare one per person, since a single frittata serves many. Plus, it tastes just as delicious served cold as it does at room temperature. This simple version pairs fresh spinach and asparagus with tangy goat cheese and eggs; fluffy cooked quinoa gives the dish extra heartiness.

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breakfast cobbler

Photo: Clare Barboza

The Breakfast Cobbler
If you love the idea of pie for breakfast, you'll be all over this spin on the classic dessert. Its filling is made of sweet peaches—though you could also use apples or pears—covered with mounds of biscuit dough that's been seasoned with fresh thyme. You can mix the dry ingredients for the biscuits the night before, and the next morning just combine the dry with the wet ingredients and slice the fruit. By the time you've finished your first cup of coffee, the meal is ready.

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crockpot breakfast

Photo: Lynn Andriani

The One-Pot Version of a Beloved Morning Sandwich
Soft cubes of baguette, fluffy eggs, juicy sausage and melting cheese come together in this supereasy riff on a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich, which you make in a slow cooker. This recipe also includes diced red bell pepper, which adds a subtle sweetness and flecks of color. But you could easily swap in broccoli florets or baby spinach, and use any shredded cheese you like.

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vanilla oatmeal with strawberries

Photo: Jeremy Liebman

Dressed-Up Oatmeal That's Just as Comforting as the Original
Serving oatmeal in a 9- x 13-inch baking dish feels special, but it's the flavors that truly make this dish worthy of a brunch gathering. Vanilla, lemon zest and nutmeg go into the oats mixture, which you refrigerate overnight; then, after you've baked the oatmeal in the morning, you serve it with a zippy mixture of strawberries, mint, sugar and balsamic vinegar.

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egg and sausage enchiladas

Photo: Jeremy Liebman

The Holy Grail of Brunch for a Certain Type of Eater
If there's one Mexican-style dish that has obsessed brunch fanatics, it's breakfast burritos. Taking those flavors and ingredients to make enchiladas, which are like mini burritos baked as a casserole, is surprisingly easy, especially if you prep everything the night before. Simply brown chorizo in a skillet along with bell peppers, onion and a jalapeño pepper; mix with eggs and cheese; and, spoon the mixture into tortillas. Lay the rolled tortillas in a casserole dish; top with a spiced milk-cheese sauce; and, bake.

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breakfast strata

Photo: Jeremy Liebman

A Treat That'll Make You Think, "Am I at a B&B?"
A hot, bubbling breakfast strata practically oozes comfort. This one combines tart raspberries and tangy goat cheese with plenty of rich-tasting eggs, milk and heavy cream to offer contrast, plus torn pieces of challah bread to soak everything up. Bonus: You can prepare this casserole in its entirety the night before and just pop it in the oven in the morning.

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slow-cooker huevos rancheros

Photo: Lynn Andriani

The Mexican Egg Dish That Turns Any Meal into a Fiesta
A fried egg served atop a warm corn tortilla and smothered in salsa is a delicious way to start your day. This slow-cooker version is slightly different (the eggs are more omelet-like) but still wildly tasty. And there's a lot to love about this Crock-Pot rendition of huevos rancheros: You can cook it in advance, and the leftovers are terrific eaten cold or reheated.

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