Mark's Madison Avenue Salad

Photo: Sidney Bensimon

A Chopped Salad Where Every Bite Is Magnificent

This little-bit-of-everything chopped salad has been on the menu at Freds, the restaurant at the department store Barneys New York, for more than 20 years—with good reason. It's a riot of colors and textures, combining everything from tomatoes, peas and asparagus, to potatoes, lentils and tuna. (Don't worry, says author Mark Strausman in The Freds at Barneys New York Cookbook, it's still delicious if you omit a few ingredients.) The secret is to make the dressing first, so its flavors can develop while you prep the salad.

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Grilled Eggplant Salad

Photo: Marshall Troy

An Alternative Take on the Salad Everyone Loves

Make way for a new Greek salad (read: no feta, olives or grape leaves in sight). This warm plate combines grilled (or sautéed) eggplant and zucchini, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, scallions and basil, celery and quartered hard-boiled egg. Instead of the usual oil and vinegar, the dressing is a rich mixture of plain yogurt, olive oil, garlic and sesame oil. Charred slices of country-style bread are the perfect accompaniment for sopping up the juices.

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Green Bean Salad

Photo: Charles Masters

A Fruity, Delicious, No-Lettuce Salad

Sweet, spicy and savory flavors come together in this Asian-inspired salad, where a few tweaks help basic ingredients go a long way. First, you cook chunks of pineapple in a skillet until they brown on the bottom, which gives them a caramelized flavor. The second trick for major flavor: The recipe has you cook halved cherry tomatoes with a bit of oil and garlic, then crush them with a spoon to create an insta-sauce.

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Ranch Chicken Salad

Photo: David Lawrence

A Hot-and-Cold Chicken Salad

Here's an unexpected chicken salad you'll love. Unlike traditional recipes, this one has you quickly grill chicken breast (though you could just as easily sauté it), along with corn and yellow squash. Then, instead of mixing the meat with mayonnaise, you slice it and lay it atop the grilled vegetables and lettuce. A tangy dressing made with goat cheese, buttermilk, onion, basil and garlic ties everything together.

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Breakfast Salad

Photo: Alison Gootee

A Truly Anytime-of-Day Salad

If you're a breakfast-for-dinner person, you'll love this a.m.-appropriate kale salad recipe, which incorporates elements from a classic bacon, egg and cheese. It starts with a bed of shredded kale and sliced green apple in a maple-citrus dressing; chopped turkey bacon, grated cheddar and fried eggs complete the meal.

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