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They Aren't Into Kitchen Gadgets...But They Do Have Some Weird Tools
Using leftovers is a frugal home cook's favorite way to stretch a buck—and it's also something chefs do all the time, because they don't like to waste food any more than you do. The difference, though, is that professionals are waaay more organized than most of us when it comes to storing and labeling that extra cup of chicken stock. Their tools are also more drugstore than specialty store: Clear plastic containers, painter's tape and a Sharpie are key items in restaurants from The French Laundry to your local French bistro. Slap a piece of tape on the container, scribble the ingredient name and date on it, and you're more likely to use whatever is inside, whether it's egg yolks or chicken stock. Irvine tosses odds and ends in soups; here are more smart ideas for using everything from wilting herbs to half-finished blocks of cheese.

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