Whether it's served straight up or on the rocks, any sip-worthy cocktail starts out with a good recipe. Try some of our favorite cocktail recipes and raise a glass to the beauty of a well-made drink.
Oprah's Pomegranate MartiniPomegranate Martini
Oprah loves martinis—and this is one of her favorites!
10 fun cockailsCocktail Hour
Ten specialty cocktails that are fun to make and drink.
Oprah's Classic Cocktail
Mix up a traditional Old-Fashioned for your guests.
Strawberry Rosemary InfusionVodka Infusion
Serve Strawberry Rosemary Infusion on ice or mixed with lemonade.
Pineapple Dew CocktailSomething Fruity
Indulge in a Pineapple Dew Cocktail and let happy hour begin.
The Lemon Drop MartiniThe Lemon Drop Martini
Oprah served this drink at her Legends Ball.
Classic Martini   Shaken or Stirred? 
Get sophisticated with the recipe for a Classic Martini.
Garden Punch   Punch Bowl
The right mix of liquor and lemonade make Garden Punch an instant hit.
Patio Cooler Cocktail   Easy Sipping 
Try the Patio Cooler and make this cocktail a warm weather favorite.
Pina Colada Flamed   Piña Colada Flamed
A special flaming garnish tops off this frozen cocktail.
Frozen TangOrita   Frozen TangOrita!
Can't beat the heat? Try Oprah's recipe for a refreshing Frozen TangOrita!

Caribbean Crowd-Pleasers   Tropical Drinks
Escape to the tropics anytime with this menu of island-inspired food and drinks.
Hope Floats   Romantic Cocktails 
Cozy up to your love with these sexy libations.
All for One   Movie-Inspired Drinks
Each of these clever cocktails is named after an Oscar® nominee.


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