1. Make sure you have enough work space, then roll out the wrapping paper. Be sure you have enough paper to fit around the entire gift. Measure if necessary, leaving a few extra inches to be sure you are completely covered.

2. Once the paper is cut to the right size, place your gift face down in the middle of the paper. Bring paper from the long side of the box, up to the middle of your package. Pull both sides tightly so the paper hugs your package smoothly, and tape closed.

3. Next, you need to close the ends. Face the open end towards you and fold the right and left edges, pushing the sides in next to your box, to form flaps.

4. Fold top flap down to the box, pulling tightly, and tape. Fold the bottom flap up tightly and tape. Repeat on other side of package.

5. Position box so top is facing up. Run your thumb and forefinger across the edges of the box to create a creased edge. Repeat on bottom of the box.

Get creative! Wrap your gift in pretty fabric or layers of patterned tissue paper!

Print a copy of our step-by-step wrapping guide. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the guide. Download it here.

Now, let's talk about how to tie a ribbon...

1. With your package in front of you, lay ribbon lengthwise along the middle of the box.

2. Flip gift over and wrap ribbon around until it meets in the middle. Fold right side of ribbon over left.

3. Pull ribbon up short sides of the box until it meets in the middle at the top again. Tie into a knot, leaving extra ribbon attached.

4. Take a second piece of ribbon and form a loop holding the end between your thumb and fore finger, twist.

5. Make a second loop going the opposite direction, returning the end to your thumb and forefinger. Give ribbon a half twist and make third loop going the original direction.

6. Repeat alternating direction until the bow is the size you want. Do not let go of center of bow.

7. Place bow in center of your package, still holding on. Tie bow to package with left over ribbon from step one.

Print a copy of our step-by-step bow-tying guide. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the guide. Download it here.


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