1. If you love cheddar, you might love... clothbound cheddar such as Cabot or Quicke's Mature. With a drier texture and longer aging process, it has an earthier quality that can be reminiscent of twice-baked potato or roasted meat.

2. If you love Taleggio, you might love... Von Trapp Oma from von Trapp Farmstead and the Cellars at Jasper Hill in Vermont. Made of unpasteurized cow's milk, this tender, plush stinker is salty and faintly garlicky.

3. If you love Parmesan, you might love... Piave.

An aged cow's-milk cheese, this is made in northeastern Italy and has a brilliant, sweet flavor evocative of pineapple. Look for a red or black label—these are the longest-aged wheels.

4. If you love Manchego, you might love... Garrotxa, an aged goat cheese from northern Spain with a soft, herbaceous flavor and a satisfyingly luscious, chewy texture.

5. If you love Swiss, you might love... Gruyère.

Made the same way for the past 900 years in western Switzerland, these enormous wheels taste like hazelnuts and cooked milk. Or try Comté: It's firm but incredibly moist, with a flavor of croissant dough and cream.

6. If you love brie, you might love... Fromager d'Affinois.

The milk is filtered during cheese-making to yield the silkiest, most unbelievably creamy texture you can imagine.


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