Farro with Feta, Lemon and Pine Nuts

Photo: Katie Quinn Davies

The Grain Salad You'll (Happily) Eat All Week

We're big fans of recipes that list quantities in low-stress language (as in, "1 large handful of basil"), which is why this one, with its just-eyeball-it amounts of herbs and greens, caught our eye. On top of that, its super-versatile flavors work well alongside any summer meal, from grilled chicken to beef kebabs. And the whole-grain farro, cherry tomatoes and feta hold up remarkably well, so even if you make this early in the week, you'll enjoy the leftovers for days.

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Succotash Chowder with Tomatoes and Basil

Photo: Keller + Keller Photography

A Time-Tested Corn Chowder

When Brooke Dojny was researching her book, Chowderland, she found a chowder version of succotash (a Native American dish made with stewed beans and corn) in an old cookbook, its headnote claiming that the recipe could be traced back more than 250 years to one Maine family. This version livens up the hearty, unfussy soup with a bit of fresh tomato and basil, and goes great with skillet cornbread, which brings the corn theme full circle.

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Luke's Lobster Roll

Photo: Stacey Cramp

Another Very Important Reason to Stock Up on Hot Dog Buns

We love lobster rolls for their perfect pairing of high-end (lobster) and low-end (hot dog bun) ingredients. This recipe from the founders of the Luke's Lobster restaurants, demonstrates just how delicious the quintessential Maine sandwich can be—if you follow two key points. First, use split-top buns. They sit upright on a flat bottom and have bread-y (rather than crusty) sides, so you can butter and grill the outside to the perfect crispness. Second, don't mix the lobster meat with anything; you want its delicate flavor to shine. Spread mayo on the inside of the buns, drizzle butter over the meat, sprinkle seasoning on top and that's it.

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PB&J Breakfast Muffins

Photo: Steve Baccon

A Lunchtime Classic, Reimagined for Mornings

These fruity, melty muffins might become your new go-to breakfast. They're a winning combination of summer raspberries, strawberries and roasted peanuts. The gooey surprise: a spoonful of protein-packed peanut butter you bake right into the center of each muffin.

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Polenta Bake with Tomato, Feta and Mushrooms

Photo: Tara Fisher

The One-Pan Mediterranean Feast

When you cook ground polenta in a cast-iron skillet, it thickens into a soft, dough-like base, ideal for a variety of toppings. In the case of this flavorful recipe: cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and feta. Under the broiler, the tomato skins burst, the mushrooms wilt and the cheese melts; the result is savory and tangy, with a deep-dish casserole feel. Toss a smattering of arugula—or any other tender, leafy green you find at the market—on top for a pop of color and some texture.

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Peach and Rosemary Crumble

Photo: Yuki Sugiura

The Crumble You Haven't Tried Before

Peaches and rosemary are an unusual pairing—but this recipe proves that the two ingredients are quite agreeable, with the herb bringing a savory edge to the sweet stone fruit. Mix them together with oats, buckwheat flour, melted coconut oil and a few other pantry ingredients, then bake for 15 minutes. The hot-and-bubbly dish makes for a sophisticated dessert—but it's also just as tasty for breakfast the next day, with a splash of almond milk poured on top.

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