Yukon Gold Potato Salad with Summer Corn, Country Ham and Garlicky Lemon Dressing

Photo: Bonjwing Lee

The Meat-and-Potatoes Salad You'll Make Once and Love Forever
This easy, summery dish, from the new cookbook Made in America: A Modern Collection of Classic Recipes, strikes the ideal balance of unexpected and familiar. It includes Yukon Gold potatoes (they have thin, smooth skin that doesn't need to be peeled), fresh corn, diced ham and a garlicky lemon-chive dressing. The dish has so much flavor and heft that it's practically a meal in and of itself. Make a double batch, serve it at your next barbecue (its flavors complement everything from hot dogs to chicken kebabs), and enjoy the leftovers for days.

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Watermelon-Heirloom Tomato Salad

Photo: Shauna Ahern

A Refreshing Dish with a Surprisingly Salty-Sweet Combo
If you haven't yet tasted how amazing sweet watermelon and tangy feta cheese are together, you're in for a treat. This no-brainer side doesn't require much more than shaking up a basic vinaigrette in a jar; then, drizzling it over cubes of melon, tomato and feta. On top of it all, this salad's colors are gorgeous and will complement practically any buffet table.

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String Beans with Fried Shallots, Pecorino and Basil

Photo: Lucy Schaeffer

A Beloved Green-Bean Dish with a Seasonal Makeover
This bright and fresh-tasting side takes the best elements of a classic green-bean casserole and gives them a warm-weather update. You quickly cook the beans in a small amount of water then finish them in olive oil, so they are crisp-tender with a light char. Fried shallots stand in for canned, fried onions and crumbled pecorino cheese takes the place of a heavy mushroom sauce.

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The Coleslaw Stand-In

Photo: Erin Kunkel

The Coleslaw Stand-In
Cool, juicy, marinated cucumber is a welcome antidote for spicy food, whether ribs or wings. Don't skimp on the chilling time, because letting the salad sit in the fridge overnight will ensure that the sweet-tart flavors fully develop.

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Broccoli Antioxidant Salad

Photo: Marina Delio

A Lighter Take on a Classic Potluck Dish
Broccoli salad loaded with bacon and cheddar is delicious, but can leave you feeling like you just swallowed a watermelon. This revamped version, which just so happens to be vegetarian, has you combine the florets (they're crisp-tender, since you just steam them for two minutes) with sweet, red grapes and creamy, honey-mustard-yogurt dressing.

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