Carrots and potatoes

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Hit Veggies' Sweet Spot
While a meat thermometer can be a foolproof way to tell if beef, poultry or other proteins have finished cooking, vegetables can be trickier. No one knows this better than Amanda Cohen, chef and owner of the New York vegetarian hot spot Dirt Candy. She says it's impossible to give an equivalent for veggies because there's so much variation between, say, carrots, Swiss chard and zucchini. That said, Cohen says most of us cook vegetables for too long or too short. If you're saut??ing greens, the second the leaves turn bright green, pull them off the heat within 60 seconds to preserve their taste and texture. If you're roasting root vegetables, Cohen has learned to leave them in the oven "forever" (which can be longer than you'd think—as many as 90 minutes) on very low heat (around 250 degrees), so their sugars have plenty of time to caramelize without the vegetables getting mushy.