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Use Every Bit of Your Veggies
"Too many people throw away parts of produce that are edible," says Dana Gunders, a senior scientist in the Natural Resources Defense Council's Food & Agriculture Program and author of Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook. Her tips: If you don't peel squash before cooking, you'll get an extra dose of fiber. (The same goes for kiwis—eat them fuzzy skin and all.) Turnip greens are bursting with vitamin K. And while you might not want to eat fibrous kale stems in a salad, they're packed with antioxidant vitamin C, just like the leaves, and they make a great pesto.

By the Numbers Americans waste 21 percent of all edible food, according to the USDA. One 2015 survey estimated that the average U.S. household trashes roughly $900 worth of food annually.