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Know the Main-Course Hierarchy
When it comes to traditional holiday entrées, prime rib is at the top of the list. It also might be the most expensive piece of meat you'll ever cook; supermarkets charge about $200 for a 10-pound roast that'll serve eight to 10 people, while an artisanal butcher's price could be more than $350. Other meats can be just as festive, though, such as the wallet-friendly spiral cut ham, which runs between $60 and $100 for 10 servings (plus leftovers). Jessica Fisher, who has written two budget-oriented cookbooks, likes pork tenderloin: She calls it "the poor man's steak" because it's tender, delicious and affordable. And if there will be kids at your holiday dinner, Greutman suggests chicken Parmesan, since it usually appeals to picky palates and feels decadent but uses inexpensive poultry.