I love to smother grilled corn in roasted garlic butter and eat if straight off the cob. But when I've got fresh corn coming out of my ears (so to speak), I like to mix it with other flavors I crave in the summer. (To cut off kernels without making a mess, put a small bowl upside down inside a bigger bowl and use it to support the cob on its end. The extra height makes cutting easier, and the big bowl collects the niblets.) My crisp, cheesy corn cakes are the ultimate comfort food, and the easy blueberry salsa on top is refreshingly tart.

Get the recipe: Corn Cakes with Blueberry-Tomatillo Salsa

Another ingredient that plays well with corn is fennel. It adds sweetness and depth to one of my favorite warm-weather soups, which gets its creamy texture from pureed avocado.

Get the recipe: Avocado Corn Soup

For my corn dip, I use Greek yogurt and rich Cotija cheese to maximize its velvety goodness. Since I'm a sucker for hot peppers or anything spicy (my husband jokes that I'm the female Bobby Flay), the chili powder and tangy lime make it irresistible, down to the very last kernel.

Get the recipe: Mexican Corn Dip


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