Silver Blond
The best part of one of winter's biggest hair colors? It combines two of our favorites: gray and platinum blond. Already embraced by celebs, silver is quickly taking over as the shimmery, elegant hue of the season.

Curtain Fringe
Pinterest searches are up 600 percent for this style of eye-skimming bangs. It's a shaggy cut that leaves hair dusting the tops of your eyes with a delicate part in the center, like curtains (get it?). The piece-y strands blend seamlessly with longer layers framing the face and, bonus, are long enough to sweep to the side. One note: Although stylish, it's high maintenance—you're going to need regular trims to keep up this look.

Rippled Bobs
One look at Mila Kunis' new angled bob, and we're smitten. Thanks to ripple styling, an effect somewhere between a pin curl and a wave, the look is full of natural-looking texture that adds body and shine. To try it for yourself, ask your stylist for an asymmetrical bob or lob; with damp hair, add mousse, scrunch, then leave overnight and finger comb in the a.m. For straight hair needing an extra boost, braid post-shower and sleep on it; use a curling iron to smooth out frizz and add definition to limp sections in the morning.

Hair Accessories
Full of playful flair, stacked bobby pins, statement barrettes, exaggerated bows and scrunchies all had prominent runway time at Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 fashion weeks. Experiment with subtle and bolder styles to find the right balance for you.

Peekaboo Detailing
This season, hair styling is all about the details. Upgrade a casual ponytail with braids, buns and twists, or try weaving a few braids of different sizes into waved hair for a tousled night-out style.

If you thought the millennial pink trend was fading away, think again. Beauty bloggers and recent runways have shown that alternative colors, from soft and light to bolder neons, are here to stay. If you're not ready for full-out unicorn hair, try adding pops of color to your ends (expert hack: Use hair chalk for a temporary look).

For those with the patience to let hair grow and grow and grow, sweeping waterfalls of hair past the shoulders is the natural-meets-glam trend to try. Models and celebrities alike sported the look at New York Fashion Week, and while it may require a little upkeep, we can't deny that the results are stunning.

And on the other end of the hair-length spectrum, ultrashort styles are also turning heads. The gorgeous, more wash-and-go option ranges from buzzed to shaggy.


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